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Need help with painting a room? Or entire house? Whatever, it is, we’re here to serve you.
Qualified professional painters and decorators with years of experience are available to meet all your paint needs in Leicester.

Painting a wall is not as easy as it sounds. From selecting the right color to choosing the right paint type, there is a lot you need to decide for quality results. Great research is required to choose the right paint depending on different factors such as: 
• Outdoor or Indoor
• Temperature
• Average humidity levels
• Pollution conditions
Lucky for you, you don’t need to research the different options and types. Our experts can guide you through the process. We ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients through our quality work and excellent customer service.
NU BROS is a company in Leicester, providing expert painters that have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all sorts of paints. Our experts not only provide you a quality completion, they are able to guide you through your different options. This helps you choose the right paint color and type.

What do we offer?

Home Paint

From installing fancy wallpaper to painting your entire house, our certified and experienced painters are here to help. Our experienced painters can alsooffer advice and recommendations. Our team will discuss the brief and your ambitions before any work is carried out. This ensures you will be completely satisfied with the end result and never disappointed.

Office Paint

Are you aware of the considerable effect of colour on human’s performance? If not, worry not. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of various paint options for your office that give your workplace a unique yet appealing look without compromising on the durability of paint. So, whether you’re building a new office or simply want a redo of your cabin, call us and let our team serve you. 
NU BROS is a name of trust that has been serving people for years. We have a track record of satisfied clients that speak for our quality work and dedication. We offer unbeatable prices, without compromising on quality. At NU BROS, you get the quality you expect, at a price that meets your budget. 

Have questions? Let our friendly customer service guide you thoroughly and answer all your queries. We’re available only a call away so feel free to contact us anytime.