Property Maintenance in Leicester

Expertise and Skills

Property Maintenance is the kind of task that requires great commitment and dedication and can be very stressful. The diverse nature of property maintenance requires a wide range of expertise and skills, along with right tools and equipment to meet all needs.

At NU BROS, we offer you a team of experienced and qualified experts that will take care of your maintenance needs of your property in Leicester & Leicestershire. Our team commits to maintaining the condition of your property in the best possible manner. NU BROS is a company run by 2 brothers, Paul and Carlos. It is a registered company with a track record of serving thousands of customers and meeting their satisfaction in property maintenance services.

At NU BROS, we have technicians and specialists that use their extensive experience and unique skills to solve all property maintenance issues and repairs in Leicester. We cover a wide range of maintenance activities, including:
• Plumbing
• Plastering
• Dry Wall Repair
• Electrical Damages
• Painting
• Ground Keeping
• Regular Cleaning and much more

Why Choose us for Property Maintenance?

1. We save you energy and time

It requires great time and energy to take care of your property. Even if you’re not living far from home, you’d need to call many different technicians and professionals to meet different maintenance needs. Further more, there won’t be guaranteed quality of work, which means, you’d have to constantly struggle in maintaining your property. We free you from such stress. At NU BROS, we have experienced technicians and experts that are capable of meeting all your maintenance needs; all under the umbrella of single name. This means you can expect the same dedication and quality for all your maintenance activities.

2. Reliable

NU BROS has earned a name for credibility and reliability and we take great pride in this. Through years of service and dedicated effort, our team has earned unwavering trust from our customers. This is one of the many reasons our customers rely on us for long-term property maintenance.

3. Cost Friendly

At NU BROS, we firmly believe in building healthy relationship with customers and we maintain a completely transparent system. We offer affordable charges for our services and always keep you in the loop. This brings you peace of mind as you’re aware of every penny you’re spending.

Still confused or fancy a chat with one of our dedicated team? Let our friendly customer service help you. We’re only a call away.